Unit Bylaws




A.         To preserve and promote the best interests of competitive

contract bridge.


B.         To cooperate with and assist the ACBL in the promotion and

conduct of contract bridge tournaments and to participate in selected ACBL  sanctioned special events.


C.         To consider, take action and, if necessary, report to District 21

and/or the ACBL, any dishonest, unethical or improper conduct of

participants in tournaments or club games. To reprimand, suspend for a specific time period or bar permanently any person guilty of such conduct.


D.                  To promote the development and organization of affiliated clubs

within the Unit.

E.         To provide a safe, pleasant and comfortable place for all with updated amenities, equipment and supplies.

F.         To do everything possible to encourage participation and bring in new members to all clubs in the Unit.







A.         The affairs of the Unit will be managed and conducted by the Board of Directors, which will consist of nine (9) elected persons plus the appointed non-voting club manager, all of whom must be ACBL members of our Unit.


B.         Each member of the Board of Directors will hold office for a period of two (2)  years. The term of one half of the board members shall expire each year. If a member leaves for any reason, a replacement will be chosen by a majority vote of the remaining board members.


C.         The Board of Directors will elect four officers at their first meeting. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board will select the club manager.


D.         All elected board members will have voting rights on all issues and motions. Majority rules. There are up to 9 voting members so 5 votes yes or no carries or denies a motion regardless of how many members are at a particular board meeting. Therefore, 5 members constitute a quorum.


E.         Board meetings will normally be held after the game on the third Monday of each month. This date is subject to change if circumstances warrant. Special meetings will be held if the president requests them. All board meetings are open to any members.


F.         The duties of the Board of Directors will be to acquire, hold, maintain, administer and dispose of all the property of the Unit, to appropriate the funds of the Unit and audit all receipts and disbursements, to hire and discharge employees, supervise their conduct and set their compensation, to conduct, manage, supervise and control all the business of the Unit. To manage and coordinate any sectional tournaments held within the Unit.


G.         The duties of the officers of the Board of Directors are self evident and will be expanded upon or changed as needed by a vote of the Board.

H.         Amendments to these bylaws may be made by a majority vote of the current Board of Directors.

I.         The District 21 and ACBL bylaws will apply to any special circumstances not covered in our bylaws.





A.      A per game director fee will be established by the Board for any amount of tables 3 and above at the Stockton Bridge Center. If there are less than 3 tables, there will be no director fee and the game may be cancelled at the director’s discretion or a just-for-fun game may be held. The director fee at the three other clubs will be established by the respective club manager.

B.         Only the Board of Directors can cancel or change the date of a game at Stockton Bridge Center unless there is an emergency. Players will be notified of any changes or cancellations by e-mail, on the website, by announcement and by post on the club’s white board.

C.         The district 21 representative will be appointed by the Board of Directors. Any committees deemed necessary will be appointed by the board. All committee actions or recommendations must be ratified by the board.

D.         Any member of the Board of Directors may be removed for cause at any meeting of the board providing a quorum of the Board of Directors vote.

E.         The club manager of each club will have the responsibility of administering any disciplinary action he/she deems necessary for outrageous or continued inappropriate behavior/conduct. His/her decision is final. In accordance with ACBL regulations, appeals may be made to the District 21 Judiciary Committee only if the disciplinary action bars the player from all ACBL events.

F.         The board secretary will post the summary of all actions, motions, discussion and the financial report each month after the board meeting.

G.         Election of board members will be held at the May Unit game, with votes being cast and counted then, along with absentee votes being cast at the two games preceding the Unit game. 60 days prior to the vote, the board will select a nominating committee of 3 ACBL members to gather a nominating list. Any ACBL member of Unit 510 is eligible for this list. 30 days prior to the voting period the committee will post the list of nominees. In the event that there are no new nominees, the existing board can extend their term for another two years.